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Membership Contract

Individuals under 18 years cannot be a member of​ and shop from the mentioned address. The consumer shall be deemed to have confirmed that he is above 18 by approving this contract in electronic environment. It is obliged to share name, surname, GSM number, address, sex, date of birth, e-mail information. After creating password as well as this information, he will be able to sign in and have accepted that GODIVA shall be able to contact with him about the opportunities, innovations and private campaigns through e-mail, mobile phone and SMS (message).

The customers shall be able to log in the system by the same e-mail only once; by using the same address, they cannot create different account. The customers shall be responsible for giving exact information during joining in the program. During application, in case of the wrong of information given during application, the applications shall be lost their validities.

The members can only contact with GODIVA by filling up the communication form in​ or calling Customer Services (+971(04)443 2235)